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February 9th, 12

One truck of DVD's and Novelties have arrived for Valentine's Day. There will be two more trucks coming! One on Friday and one on Monday!


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February 9th, 12
Valentine's Day Hours - In-Store

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10: 10am-9pm

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9 Sex Drive Killers by CRE Author

I found this great article this morning on Libido and Sex Drive. I often hear, "She hasn't had much of a sex drive, lately." Or, "He doesn't seem that interested, and has a hard time maintaining and erection." What I like about this article is that it points out some of the ideas that I have suggested to clients, along with healthy alternatives and explainations on the human body, in reguards to being a male or female.

Out of a rate of 5, I rate this article at 4.5. Great suggestions, along with education. Check it out!

General Manager
T&A Lingerie

This article was published on Tuesday 11 May, 2010.
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